Friday, September 28, 2007

A point of etiquette

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Los Angeles Bus Riders:

When you are making your way to your seat or departing the bus, please say excuse me. Say it in whatever language you choose, I think most of your fellow riders will divine your meaning.

Pushing your way past or climbing over people is simply rude. If you want to act like that, drive a car so you can cut people off.

define asinine

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New Jersey lawyer Carl Mayer (pictured above) is suing the Patriots.

I will no doubt be sued for slander if Mr. Mayer happens to see his photo.

Jets fan sues Pats, seeks $184 million
Dennis Waszak Jr., AP, 9/27/07

A New York Jets season-ticket holder filed a class-action lawsuit Friday against the New England Patriots and coach Bill Belichick for "deceiving customers."

"They violated the integrity of the game," Mayer's attorney, Bruce Afran, told The Associated Press. "This is a way of punishing Belichick and the Patriots."

Mayer and Afran, who consider themselves public interest lawyers, have been thorns in the side of New Jersey politicians for years, filing lawsuits and demanding investigations to advance their grievances. They are well known in the state but generally have had little success in their causes.

"Having been a lifelong Jets fan, as soon as I heard this, I was completely outraged," Mayer said. "The NFL just slapped them on the wrist. I'm a consumer lawyer, and this is consumer fraud."

Umm, the NFL fined the Patriots $250,000, fined Coach Bill Belichick $500,000 and stripped the team of it's 2008 first round draft choice. I think that constitutes more than a slap.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Who's the Kid !?

Oklahoma State University football coach Mike Gundy let's loose on Jenni Carlson's article on OSU quarterback Bobby Reid.

I wish I had the talent and youth to suit up for Coach Gundy's Cowboys.

"It makes me want to puke!"

Monday, September 17, 2007

What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

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Final Score New England Patriots 38 San Diego Chargers 14

That's how the headline should read but I'm sure the potential frequency scandal will push the Patriots victory off the front page and dominate sports radio this week.

Goodell Defends Punishment of Patriots
“I’ve notified the Patriots that if there’s information that I’ve not been made aware of, or if it’s inconsistent with what I’ve been told, I will revisit” the decision, he told Bob Costas on NBC’s “Football Night in America,” which preceded last night’s San Diego-New England game.

He said the league was monitoring all the radio frequencies assigned to teams to determine if they were being used properly. NBC showed a crew of frequency coordinators working behind the Patriots’ desk last night.

~NY Times, Richard Sandomir, 9/17/07

Prior to the game, ESPN sideline reporter Andrea Kramer reported that Tomlinson said that the Chargers would beat the Patriots nine out of ten times. LT might want to revise his math as the Chargers are now winless in their last two games versus New England.

Tomlinson has a history of sounding off on the Patriots:
"When you go to the middle of our field, when you start doing the dance that Shawne Merriman is known for, that's disrespectful to me. And I can't sit there and watch that. And so, yeah, I was very upset. And just the fact that they showed no class at all. Absolutely no class. And maybe that comes from their head coach. So you know, there you have it."

"When you go to the middle of our field and start doing the dance Shawne Merriman is known for, that is disrespectful. They showed no class and maybe that comes from the head coach."
~ESPN, 1/17/07

LT latter back pedaled:
"I still think Hobbs was wrong, but when I sit back and think about it, I don't think Bill has any control over how his players act. He can tell them all day long, 'Guys, let's act like we've been there before,' like Marty (Schottenheimer) does to us, but guys can always do whatever they want to do."

Tomlinson now wishes he hadn't invoked Belichick's name
~USA Today, 2/7/07

L.T., Belichick in harmony at Pro Bowl
AP, 2007

“Obviously, the head coach is the leader of the team, but he can’t control what his players do,” Tomlinson said this morning after accepting the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award along with Drew Brees. “A lot of times, in the heat of the battle or right after the game, you kind of say things sometimes that you want to take back.

Apparently, LT wasn't over it:
"So it really doesn't surprise me that they're trying to gain an edge any way they can."

“I think the Patriots actually live by the saying, ‘If you’re not cheatin, you’re not trying,’ ” Tomlinson told reporters with a hearty laugh in San Diego yesterday. “I mean, I think that’s the way they live off that statement. You keep hearing the different stories of people complaining about stuff that they do. So I’m not surprised.”
~Boston Herald, 9/11/07

Here are LaDainian Tomlinson's 2007 year to date stats:

9/9/07 vs. the Giants
17 rushing attempts for 25 yards, with a long of 10 yards and one touchdown, LT also threw for one touchdown

9/16/07 vs. the Patriots
18 rushing yards for 43 yards, with a long of 11 yards and no touchdowns

Those totals equate to a 1.9 yards per carry average, which is two and a half yards less than his career average. While I'm sure he'll right the ship and return to form perhaps LT should focus on his game . . .

Another country heard from:

Steelers' Ward suspected Patriots spying

Alan Robinson, AP

"Oh, they knew," Ward said Wednesday. "They were calling our stuff out. They knew, especially that first championship game here at Heinz Field. They knew a lot of our calls. There's no question some of their players were calling out some of our stuff."

"You would hope that, during their run, when they were winning all their (three) Super Bowls, all that stuff wasn't going on," Ward said. "You look back in the past, and we played them in the championship games, and you kind of wonder. It seemed like they were a step ahead of us at all times . . ."

Ward might also want to focus on his game and sense of fair play. After two games he has eight receptions for 106 yards and one touchdown. He was recently fined $5000 by the NFL for a late hit on Browns cornerback Daven Holly. Holly was knocked unconscious as a result of the hit and missed a day of practice.


In other NFL news, Browns quarterback Derek Anderson threw for 328 yards and five touchdowns in Cleveland's 51-45 upset of the Cincinnati Bengals. The speculation last week was that Anderson was suppose to keep Brady Quinn's seat warm, while he prepared to step into the starting role. Was Andersson's performance a one hit wonder or is there a Drew Brees/Philip Rivers situation developing in the Forest City?

Anderson, a Baltimore Ravens cast off, was starting his fourth game in two years after replacing former Cleveland starter Charlie Frye.

The September 10th issue of Sports Illustrated listed Frye as a Hot player. Here's the quote:

He's in! Cleveland QB - and birthday boy, as he turned 26 last week - won a three-way battle for the starting job and gets to face the Steelers on Sunday. "Obviously," said the third-year Brown, "I'm excited."

After going four for ten for 34 yards and one interception in the Browns opener against the Steelers, Frye was benched in the second half and later traded to the Seattle Seahawks for a third round draft choice. Ouch!

Remains to be seen

The Saints have stumbled out of the gate. They are 0-2, heading into week three. Will last season's feel good story be able to turn it around?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Boston, MA 8/29 - 9/5

Thanks to the Powers for their hospitality.

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I had heard it was lost but then I stumbled on it on Mass Ave. In my dreams I pictured hanging gardens and gurgling water, not cracked asphault and traffic barrels.

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Just creepy.

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As opposed to a private alley

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You dirty rat!

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I don't think you can make it out from the photo but there are pigeons on the top of the T station and they have fouled the slanted glass roof to the point that a health inspector should be called.

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It was pretty short but I think it was longer than Long Street.

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The white decal above the postal worker's knee reads:

Shift Into Park
Curb Wheels
Set Brake
Turn Off Ignition
Remove Key
Lock Vehicle

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I want a Kubota RTV

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mike & Mike & Mike

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Mike Ditka, Mike Golic & Mike Greenberg
(Photo via Morning Buzz)

Is there anyway the second stringers can replace Kornball, Jaws & Tirico as the Monday Night Football hosts?

Monday, September 10, 2007

One handed nine ball

At last Robert Blake's victory speech.

The classic cowboying nineball rant kicks in at the 1:20 mark.

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make it stop

Someone or some organization, preferably the FCC, needs to remove the latest McDonald's Chicken McNugget ad from television.

I refuse to post the ad and give it anymore exposure. If you insist on punishing yourself, here is a link.

The two erstwhile rappers did their best to ruin an otherwise perfect opening NFL weekend.

On a more pleasant note, I enjoyed Bill Parcells' new Coors commercials.

For now I'll leave the game analysis to the networks and newspapers.

"I'm talkin about life . . . "

Lou Holtz on Michigan's historic loss to Appalachian State.

The priceless part of Holtz's rant begins at the 1:15 mark.

"Twenty years from now . . . your car breaks down on the way home and when you finally get home to your four children (they) tell you your wife just ran off with the drummer . . .Somebody has to pay for what happened last week . . ."

sweet dreams

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No one dresses up to watch TV anymore.

When you turn the television on at the La Quinta Inn & Suites in Sommerville, MA, until you change the channel the following soundbite, sandwiched between some awful piano music, plays on an infinite loop:

"For videos to suit your adult desires, press menu now. There's always something new."

Of course I fell asleep with the television on. For seven hours my subconscious was bombarded by an automated smut peddler promising something new.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

tonight it begins!

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Recomended Viewing

Alone in the Wilderness

The story of Dick Proenneke