Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All Thumbs

How did the Red Sox not know Lowell needed thumb surgery?
Red Sox assistant GM Ben Cherington appeared on Sirius XM's MLB Home Plate channel today with Holden Kushner and Jim Duquette and talked about the Mike Lowell situation.

And even at the end of the playoffs, in our exit physical, he barely made mention of it," Cherington said.

He's been a big part of our team for the last several years and the trade, as we talked to Texas, it wasn't about not wanting Mike Lowell. It was about possibly making a move to get a player we liked back and give us a little bit of financial flexibility to do some other things.

The Red Sox season ended in October. There's no excuse for not figuring out that Lowell's thumb would require surgery until December. Now Lowell's recovery is two months behind.

Riiiight, it wasn't about not wanting Mike Lowell. You were going to eat 9 million of his 12 million dollar salary in 2010, in return for a minor league catcher who hit .217 in 46 major league at bats last season. Who are you trying to kid Cherington?

Lowell preferred to have thumb surgery in October

Boston Globe, 12/22/09
Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell spoke to WEEI's Rob Bradford yesterday and offered details surrounding his thumb injury that ultimately led to the Rangers canceling a trade that would have sent Lowell to Texas in exchange for minor league catcher Max Ramirez.

. . . he disputed the Red Sox assertion that the injury wasn't discussed in the team's end of season exit interview.


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