Friday, December 18, 2009

Bonehead English

Bill Cosby carries the PR ball for Temple
The comedian and former Owls running back has been making the rounds with the media and has offered tips for the team's EagleBank Bowl game against UCLA.
La Times, 12/18/09
Attempts to reach Cosby's closest UCLA counterpart, Mark Harmon, actor and former Bruins quarterback, were unsuccessful.

Harmon was a starting quarterback at UCLA for two seasons, finishing with 976 yards rushing and 791 passing in his career.

The two celebrities are arguably near-equals. Cosby has had television success ("The Cosby Show") and movie duds ("Ghost Dad"). Harmon has had television success ("NCIS") and movie duds ("Beyond the Poseidon Adventure").

Freddy Shoop was far from a dud, in fact he's been an inspiration in my teaching career.

Dig the Springsteen t-shirt, at the 2:00 mark.

I saw summer school in 1987, in the theater with my sister.

More on UCLA
But Cosby has been leading the Owls' media charge, while the last comment about UCLA football from a celebrity came from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Speaking at his daughter's USC commencement ceremonies last year, Schwarzenegger mentioned his daughter talked about the Victory Bell.

He said: "She sat me down and she told me it weighs 295 pounds and how the winner of the annual football game between USC and UCLA takes this bell and gets to paint it in the school colors. And I stopped her in the middle of talking, I said, 'Wait a minute, Katherine, back up a little bit. UCLA has a football team?' "
I could care less about the UCLA SC rivalry, but the Governor of California, thought it was appropriate to take a shot at a public school while giving the commencement address at a private university?

The only head coach to have a Final Four appearance vacated by the NCAA at more than one school.

Apropos of nothing, besides the fact that I don't care for Coach Cal and I always liked former Temple basketball coach, John "Elmer Fud" Chaney. Here's Chaney threatening to take down Coach Cal.

Riiight, what's an ark?

Here's some old Cos. Noah is one of my favs. My father had it on vinyl.


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